Giving a lecture at Social LiFE inclusion

On October 13, 2018., I gave some people my lecture with invitation, attended panel discussion and group discussion at Tohoku Fukushi University located near East Exit of Sendai station in Miyagi prefecture.
I talked about the outline of my research and activities in the subject: titled “What is the resilience of a local region for autonomously recovery from disasters”.

This event was held by “Ningenryokutaisyojyusyousyakai“(The association of people who received The Outstanding Young Persons awards.). I participated the event with Wataru Hayase and Seiichi Ito. They have experienced and acted to solve some social problems.

Mr.Hayase have produced beauty salons to create employment for women who engaged in rising their children. His business model is simple and so sophisticated. Therefore, it is difficult to performe based on the model in general; however, he already hired 160 employees as the staff at his beauty salons. I am sure that his philanthropy and his activities give hope for people who engaged in rising child in Japan.

Mr.Ito have created a guide book and maps for people who have special needs. In his lecture, he told us “It is important to exclude overwork and keep my health”. Instead of his comment, I received passion with overwork from his lecture. In short, he has good talent and good passion.

In the session of group discussion, fortunately, I had an opportunity to hear many experiences from the participants. It makes me active. For example, “Date of disaster drills in neighbors was unknown”, “My younger brother has special needs but no neighbors knows him and I’m worry about he cannot take information and help for his survive if big disasters occurs.

After the discussion, we reached out one good point.

It is important to “create opportunity and time to be with someones”.

The point makes us to understand various things such as sense of others, values, way of thinking and happy things…

I really had a good time with the participants and appreciated all of them.