Earthquakes – Impact, Community Vulnerability and Resilience

「Earthquakes – Impact, Community Vulnerability and Resilience」が刊行され、福本が担当した「Corporate Contributions to Community Resilience after the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster」がWeb上で公開されました。

Corporate Contributions to Community Resilience after the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster (IntechOpen)


  • Impacts of the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake: Lessons Learnt from Nepal
    By Shiva Subedi and Meen Bahadur Poudyal Chhetri
  • Methodology for Community-Based Resilient Reconstruction
    By Mikiko Ishikawa
  • Lifeline Interrelationships during the Tohoku Earthquake: Management of Disaster Analysis Reports Using Text Mining
    By Yasuko Kuwata
  • Earthquake Disasters and the Long-Term Health of Rural Men in Chile: A Case Study for Psychosocial Intervention
    By Oscar Labra, Robin Wright, Danielle Maltais, Gilles Tremblay, Ray Bustinza and Gabriel Gingras-Lacroix
  • Knowledge and Perception on Seismic Risk of Students in Mexico City Before the 2017 Earthquakes
    By Tatiana Gouzeva, Diego Padilla-Pérez, Daniel Velázquez-Martínez, Vladimir Avalos-Bravo and José Lourdes Félix-Hernández
  • The IDEA Model as a Conceptual Framework for Designing Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) Messages Distributed via Mobile Phone Apps
    By Deanna D. Sellnow, Lucile M. Jones, Timothy L. Sellnow, Patric Spence, Derek R. Lane and Nigel Haarstad
  • Resilience Science for a Resilient Society in Natural Disaster Prone Countries
    By Yoshiyuki Kaneda
  • The Role of Placemaking as a Tool for Resilience: Case Studies from Post-Earthquake Christchurch, New Zealand
    By Diane Brand, Hugh Nicholson and Natalie Allen
  • Earthquake-Generated Landslides and Tsunamis
    By Jonas Eliasson
  • Multi-Hazard Assessment of Seismic and Scour Effects on Rural Bridges with Unknown Foundations
    By Xuan Guo, Zhaohua Dai and ZhiQiang Chen
  • Kinematics of Slow-Slip Events
    By Chi-Yu King